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Delve into U.S. Census demographic information of real estate markets throughout Pennsylvania.


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PAR's Diversity Initiative

Developed by PAR’s Diversity Committee and adopted by the Board of Directors in January 2009, the Diversity Initiative outlines the five objectives:

  • Build and communicate an awareness campaign to local associations and REALTORS® statewide promoting the value and business opportunities in the diversity markets
  • Develop and deploy a comprehensive educational program, externally and internally, focusing on awareness of the diversity markets, definition of the market niche (both in terms of members and consumers) and provide practical business solutions (tools, recruitment/retention, communications skills, cultural nuances, customer experience) for the intended audiences
  • Develop and implement a sustainable leadership program at the state and local level that will nurture and support quality change agents that align with the mission statement
  • Create strong alliances with strategic partners both within and outside of the housing market that are in alignment with PAR’s diversity mission
  • Identify and develop internal systems and processes for execution of the strategic plan.

Leading with Diversity Training

The PA Realtors® Education Foundation (PREF) awarded a $3,450 grant to PAR’s Diversity Committee to pay to have an introductory training written by The Gonzales Group. The training is incorporated in PAR leadership training and is available to local associations.

NAR Grants

  • March 2012: PAR’s Diversity Committee was awarded a grant to bring the past president of the National Association of Gay Lesbian Real Estate Professionals to speak at PAR’s Spring Business Meetings and at a CRS/CRB luncheon. As part of PAR’s Diversity Initiative, the association works to create alliances with strategic partners within the real estate industry.
  • November 2011: PAR’s Diversity Committee received a $5,000 grant to produce the Diversity Explorer for its website. The Diversity Explorer features Census data and helps Realtors® to understand the emerging markets in their communities.
  • May 2011: PAR’s Diversity Committee was awarded a $5,000 grant to host a Diversity Event at the PAR Fall Business Meeting. The event featured eight roundtable discussions with Realtors® who work with diverse clients.
  • November 2009: NAR awarded a $4,000 Diversity Grant to PAR to help fund the development of a Diversity website together with the Gonzales Group.
  • May 2009: NAR awarded a $5,000 Diversity Grant to PAR to help fund two focus groups and a member-wide survey, used to develop PAR’s Multicultural Awareness Program.
  • November 2008: PAR’s Diversity Committee received a $5,000 NAR Diversity Grant to help partially fund the creation of the Diversity Initiative (previously called the Multicultural Strategic Plan). That plan was adopted by PAR’s Board of Directors in January 2009.
  • May 2008: PAR’s Diversity Committee was awarded a $3,000 NAR Diversity Grant to bring Dr. Oscar Gonzales to a PAR Business Meeting to speak about real estate business opportunities within multicultural markets.


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