Agent Questionnaire

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This form is provided to consumers by the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors® as a guide for selecting a Realtor®.

Consumers often have limited experience and knowledge about what to expect in a real estate transaction. For that reason, PAR believes having a basic list of criteria against which to judge potential agents would be helpful.

Many agents and brokers have their own idea about what makes a “professional” real estate agent. But in reality, professionalism is not defined by individual agents or brokers; it is defined by by the expectations and opinions of clients, consumers, and other real estate practitioners.

Being professional isn’t a single identifiable trait, but rather many different elements and ideas.  It is meeting or exceeding expectations in a number of different areas.  Consumers of real estate services tend to focus differently on certain aspects of any agent’s professionalism based on their needs. Expectations may vary based on factors such as the type of transaction, the location of the transaction and the experience of the consumers.  While many consumers will have overlapping needs in general, the specific expectations in any particular transaction may vary greatly.

In order to provide a well-rounded view of an agent’s experience and expertise, the questionnaire includes the following categories:

  • Experience
  • Market Knowledge
  • Professional Development
  • Professional Network
  • Seller Services/Marketing
  • Buyer Services/Home Search
  • Past Clients
  • Business Philosophy
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