Issues Mobilization

PAR’s Issues Mobilization Fund provides advocacy campaign assistance on issues that have a statewide impact on private property rights and/or homeownership.

What’s an issue advocacy campaign? It’s an organized effort to educate the voting public on an issue and to mobilize voters to support your position. In an issue campaign, no candidate is running. It’s the issue or policy that’s competing.

Local associations can access matching funds through Issues Mobilization to help support or oppose issues in your area.

Financial support is provided for initiatives such as:

  • Ballot-measure campaigns
  • Grassroots lobbying
  • Mass media advertising
  • Educational efforts
  • Legal review of municipal ordinances
  • Data collection/research

Learn more about how the Issues Mobilization Fund is available to help your local association by reading the following guidelines. Then download and submit an application for funding.

PAR keeps a central “clearinghouse” to catalogue significant legal issues affecting Realtors® and their clients that have arisen in localities throughout this Commonwealth. The issues mobilization archive is intended to provide information that may be useful in considering legal challenges or questions that have been raised and/or addressed elsewhere by PAR’s legal counsel or by other local boards and their counsel.

Contact Sherri Martin, Political Affairs Manager.

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