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A Brief Guide to Mold, Moisture and Your Home (MMB)

Revised: 9/10

EPA-produced booklet covering mold and indoor air quality issues

Addendum/Endorsements to Agreement of Sale (ASA)

Revised: 9/02

Blank addendum to Agreement of Sale

Advance Payment Addenda to Rental Application (APA)

Revised: 4/02

If deposits and other "advance payments" made by prospective tenants are being held by a Broker, certain provisions of RELRA and the Landlord-Tenant Act apply. Use this form to help comply with the relevant statutes and regulations.

Agreement of Sale Release and Distribution of Deposit Money (AREL)

Revised: 9/15

Used to mutually release Buyer and Seller from the Agreement of Sale and provide for the distribution of deposits.

Agreement of Sale for Commercial Real Estate (ASC)

Revised: 4/17

For use when selling a commercial property. Note that a "commerical" property with 1-4 residential dwelling units may be subject to certain requirements usually associated with residential sales (e.g., Seller's Property Disclosure and Home Inspection). See Form RUA, Residential Use Addenda for more information.

Application Decision (AD)

Revised: 7/17

A form that a landlord may provide to a prospective tenant after reviewing the tenant's application. Form AD is compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which requires a landlord to provide the applicant with information about why the rental application was not accepted.

Appraisal Contingency Addendum to Agreement of Sale (ACA)

Revised: 3/15

To be used when the agreement is contingent upon the property appraising at a certain value

Aviso al Consumidor (SCN)

Revised: 12/08

Consumer Notice in the Spanish language

Broker's Disclosure Addendum to Agreement of Sale (BDA)

Revised: 4/18

Use to supplement a non-PAR agreement of sale that may lack certain clauses required by RELRA, such as the Real Estate Recovery Fund Notice, zoning classification, and agency disclosure.

Broker's Fee Agreement (BFA)

Revised: 4/18

Use when working as a Buyer Agent or a Transaction Licensee in a For Sale By Owner transaction.

Broker/Salesperson Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA)

Revised: 2/15

Contract between Broker and Salesperson or Associate Broker

Buyer Agency Contract (BAC)

Revised: 4/18

Exclusive agency contract for buyers' and tenants' agents.

Buyer's Estimated Costs (BEC)

Revised: 8/15

Used to provide good faith estimate of Buyer's costs at closing

Buyer's Financial Information (BFI)

Revised: 9/17

Used by Buyer's Agent to get overview of Buyer's financial situation

Buyer's Reply to Inspections/Reports or Written Corrective Proposal (BRI)

Revised: 1/16

Used by the Buyer to request repairs or corrections to property following the inspections

Change in Lease Terms Addendum to Residential Lease (CLT)

Revised: 9/17

Use to make changes to the terms of a residential lease

Change in Terms Addendum to Agreement of Sale (CTA)

Revised: 4/18

For making common changes to the Agreement of Sale after it has been executed

Change to Buyer Agency Contract (CBA)

Revised: 12/11

Use when extending the ending date of the buyer agency contract, adding/removing designated agents, or modifying other terms of the contract.

Change to Listing Contract (CLC)

Revised: 12/11

Use when extending the ending date of the listing contract, changing the listed price, adding/removing designated agents, or modifying other terms of the contract.

Change to Property Management Agreement (CPM)

Revised: 7/13

Allows brokers and property owners to make common and free-form changes to the Property Management Agreement.

Commercial Buyer/Tenant Agency Contract (CBAC)

Revised: 4/18

Used to create a buyer/tenant agency agreement with a commercial client. Contains provisions specific to a commercial transaction.

Commercial Lease (CL)

Revised: 9/16

Use for the lease of commercial properties

Commercial Property Information Sheet (CPI)

Revised: 10/04

Extensive information sheet to be filled out by owner of commercial property to inform broker of property conditions

Compensation Addendum to Agreement of Sale (CAS)

Revised: 4/14

Provides for negotiation between Buyer and Seller for Seller to pay some or all of a broker's fee owed by Buyer

Consumer Guide to the Agreement of Sale (CG)

Revised: 7/17

An explanation of each paragraph of the Standard Agreement for the Sale of Real Estate to provide to clients

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