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PAR prepares documents called "Guidelines for Preparation and Use" for many forms, and is working to create Guidelines for every form in the PAR library. Current Guidelines are available for many of our most popular and recently revised forms. If there is a current Guideline document, there will be a button under the name of the individual form (Guidelines are for members only and you must be logged in to view them). If you do not see a current Guideline document, our Standard Forms Manager will be happy to assist you.

Our library of Standard Forms is protected in order to maintain it as a member benefit.

New and revised forms will be published on either January 1 or July 1 of each calendar year. When forms have been approved by the Standard Forms Committee, you can expect to see information on PARJustListed.com, from your local association executive, or on the Standard Forms webpage.

At this time, only the Consumer Notice (which is provided by the State Real Estate Commission) is available in a Spanish version. All other PAR forms are in the English language.

PAR's forms are copyrighted, but we do permit educators to use protected versions of our forms in educational materials. Please send an email to our Standard Forms Manager with your contact information, the name of the class, the name of the form(s) you want to use, and the approximate date of publication.

PAR has not created a list of required forms, but check with your broker. He or she might have a list of forms you must use in every transaction.

If your client is selling between one and four dwelling units, then a completed Property Disclosure Statement is generally required to be provided to potential buyers. A list of exceptions is provided on the first page of PAR's Seller's Property Disclosure Statement (Form SPD). If no exceptions applies to your client's situation, then a disclosure form must be filled out.

Where permitted by law, any language in the standard forms can be modified or stricken. PAR understands that the language in the form may not fit the needs of every consumer or transaction and allows the parties to cross out or add language as they agree. If changes are made, it is recommended that both parties initial and date each change.

However, much of the language is tailored to protect the agent and the consumer, and to comply with relevant laws and regulations. Altering the forms could jeopardize this protection. It is recommended that prior to altering the content of a standard form, you consult with you broker and/or brokerage counsel.

Yes! The Broker's Fee Agreement (Form BFA) can be used to specify the business relationship between the agent and the parties, negotiate fees, and inform the seller of legal requirements for real estate transactions.

Some transactions involving residential real estate will be treated as commercial investments. Whether you use the Standard Agreement for the Sale of Real Estate (Form ASR) or the Agreement for the Sale of Commercial Real Estate (Form ASC) will depend on the nature of the transaction and which form is more relevant to your transaction. Consult with your broker and/or brokerage counsel to determine which form will support the transaction better.

The Standard Forms Committee is charged with overseeing the forms library and approves changes recommended by the Standard Forms Workgroup and various task forces. Your input and feedback are extremely helpful. You can use the form below to submit a comment to PAR, attend the Standard Forms Feedback Panel at the Business Meetings, volunteer for a task force, or apply for appointment to the Standard Forms Committee. All of these are ways that you can help improve PAR's library of forms.

Can't find what you're looking for? You can search the Standard Forms webpage or browse them by category. Still can't find it? Call us at 1-800-555-3390 or send an email to our Standard Forms Manager.

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