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Is promoting a home for sale as energy-efficient effective?

Seventy-one percent of fellow agents and brokers think so, according to NAR’s recently-released Realtors® and Sustainability 2017 Report. More than half of respondents reported that their clients are interested in sustainability.

However, even with more and more interest in green and energy-efficient homes, they aren’t as many on the market as you’d expect. Only 27 percent of respondents have worked with one to five homes that had green features, while 70 percent have not. In the Northeast, one-third of agents and brokers reported that they were involved with one to five properties with green features. Overall, 80 percent said solar panels are available in their market, and 42 percent reported they increased perceived property value. In the Northeast, 89 percent reported solar panels in the market. Only 16 percent of agents and brokers said there are wind farms in their market, and 14 percent said the farms raise perceived property value. In the Northeast, 16 percent reported wind farms in their market.

According to the results, homebuyers want a comfortable living space, first and foremost. Close proximity to frequently visited places is also important to 40 percent, and 39 percent listed the quality and age of windows, doors and siding. A home’s utility bills and operating costs, as well as communing costs, are also beneficial. In the area, homebuyers most want access to schools (79 percent), while 72 percent want to be near shopping. Outdoors and recreational areas are important to 60 percent, and affordable housing is important to 38 percent.

Commuting is also an important aspect in homebuying. More than 4 in 5 respondents said that clients are searching for easy access to highways, as well as commute times and distance. Walkability is important to more than half of homebuyers.