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What are your go-to gifts after closing with a client?

Caroline Bass, a broker with The Corcoran Group and Ari Harkov, a broker with The Harkov Lewis Team, both emphasized the importance of staying in contact after closing at Inman Connect.

Harkov suggested gifting a tote bag with a water bottle, first aid kit and tape measure, all branded. Providing items that will be around for years will be a constant reminder to who sold them their home. Adding in a bottle of champagne doesn’t hurt either, he said.

It’s also important to send follow-up emails, and even a post-closing lunch or coffee get-together is a great idea, he said. Add your clients on your social media platforms and engage with them. They should also be added your email lists.

“Maximize time by using technology,” said Bass. “As soon as clients move in, they get an email.” Bass also recommended taking photos of new homebuyers and posting pictures of them in front of their new home, with their permission of course. Taking a page out of It’s a Wonderful Life, Bass said she gifts her clients bread, salt and wine.

“I also call or text them on the anniversary of when they closed on their home, it reminds them to reflect on a major life event,” said Bass. “People love it.”

“Anniversaries are an easy excuse to get in touch once a year,” Harkov echoed.

Harkov also said events are a good way to get in front of people. “Even getting invited gets you on their radar,” he added. “Our whole contact list gets invited to the holiday party.” He said that he sometimes hosts in staged homes to show off properties.

Bass said they hold educational seminars twice a year for buyers and sellers, and are open to anyone. “We get a lot of business directly out of our seminars.”

What gifts do you typically give after a closing?