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Tomorrow is National Yard Sale Day.

One of the best ways to get rid of extra personal belongings, and make some quick cash, before a move is a yard sale. However, it can be difficult to decide what to get rid of. Here are some tips to help your clients clear out their homes before packing to move.

Set aside a few hours to do it. Decluttering an entire home is going to take more than a few minutes. Take a few hours to go through each room and decide what to keep, what to donate and what to sell. Be realistic about what you actually use and what you’re holding on to for sentimental or unrealistic reasons.

Stick to one room at a time. Cleaning out an entire house is overwhelming. Instead, choose your bedroom or the bathroom and don’t move on to another room until you are completely done.

Create three categories. You keep, sell or donate each item. Keep track of which goes where by having designated boxes or piles ready. And once something goes in the sell/donate category? It’s gone, don’t think of it anymore.

Closet de-cluttering: Ask yourself if you really wear it. When going through your closet, think of the last time you wore the item. Think of items you pick out to wear, but decide not to because you don’t feel good in it or it doesn’t fit right or it’s out of style. Toss them.

Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Hanover Realtor® Jed James said, “Yard sale rules: Nothing, read nothing, comes back in the house. Also, when you advertise your sale, mention that there will be a free pile. And make one. A large one.”

Advertise your yard sale. “Make sure to advertise your yard sale items the day or two before in local Facebook groups with pictures of some of the more popular items you are wanting to sell. It builds a good buzz for the event,” suggested Jeremy Blanton, a Realtor® from Reading, now based in Myrtle Beach.

What are your tips for clients looking to de-clutter and sell before they move?