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Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat… It can be hard to determine where to put your marketing money.

But make sure you are putting it somewhere. Facebook and LinkedIn are where your peers are going to build their business.

According to Realtors Property Resource’s® 2017 REALTOR® Social and Digital Media Report, 94 percent of agents listed Facebook as the most effective social media platform, and 57 percent said LinkedIn.

“Facebook is everywhere. It’s the world’s most popular network. Everyone is on there, and you can target your message using advanced analytics. That, in itself, is appealing. It’s the first time we have ever had something like this,” said Reggie Nicolay, RPR’s vice president of marketing. “LinkedIn puts your professional face forward online. Ten to 15 years ago, if you wanted to talk to anyone, it was on the phone, mail or in person. There were not a lot of options. Now, they are just a click away.”

Most agents in the survey said the top outcome of their social media use was awareness. Sixty-four percent of agents said they plan to commit more time to social media next year, while 60 percent vowed to commit more money. Agents found that market activity posts were their most well-received, followed by posts about listings and home improvement tips.

“Creating awareness is a natural evolution from what Realtors® have done for years. It’s costly using traditional methods. When asked what content they share, most opt to go with their listings. It’s not that great of a choice. If a consumer isn’t looking at a home, how does that make you relevant?” said Nicolay. “I advise the three p’s. If you’re going to use social media, share professional content, personality-based content and passion-based content. Share content from these three buckets. You are letting your whole self get out there. Teach people about your business and who you really are. That is a lot more appealing to your audience, and helps with engagement. People don’t want to always engage with listings, but they do with the fun thing you did this weekend. Do an even mix of it,” he said.

Nicolay said he was surprised that more agents aren’t sharing on social media, whether it be listings or branding. “There are some awesome targeting methods out there. You can market to geographic markets, school districts, people looking to move. Many Realtors® don’t realize they are there.”