Hank Lerner, Esq.

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Over the past several weeks, PAR has published articles reminding members that it’s time to renew your real estate licenses. The state’s Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs has implemented a new online portal, the Pennsylvania Licensing System, known as PALS, for all licensing needs.

The rollout of that system has been challenging. PAR has met with bureau staff multiple times to express our concerns, and we’ve been in continual contact over specific problems as they arise. Several issues have been successfully addressed to improve certain aspects of the process, however, there are still some items that need to be resolved.

With about two weeks left in the renewal cycle, the system shows that less than half of all licensees have tried to log in and renew their licenses. Legally, you must attempt to renew by May 31.

It’s to your advantage to access the system earlier, rather than later, to give you time to try to handle any issues you may encounter. This will also provide the bureau more time to address any system issues that may arise from higher volume of usage. If you encounter problems with renewal, it’s for the best to have accessed your account prior to the deadline, so it’s clear that delays are caused by the system and not your failure to renew in a timely manner.

PAR will continue to work with the bureau to address problems as they arise. If you do experience problems as you try to register online, please call the Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs at (717) 783-3658.