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Just like you, Derek Bicksler and Charity Castner of RSR Realtors® in Lemoyne know the trials and tribulations of being in the real estate business. While it’s certainly rewarding, there is also much behind-the-scenes work that clients don’t realize.

So, they decided to create some videos showing the other side of the business. Between Facebook and YouTube, Bicksler and Castner’s videos The Glamorous Life of a Real Estate Agent Volume 1 and The Glamorous Life of  a Real Estate Agent Volume 2 have been viewed thousands of times.

Bicksler said they didn’t anticipate such a strong reaction, but are happy it resonated with other agents and potential clients. “I try to be social media progressive, and see what is going on and see what the trends are,” he said. “No one else in the area was doing videos like these.”

Castner added: “We wanted to collaborate and do something. We didn’t know what. We decided to make a list of crazy stuff that has actually happened to us as agents, and make videos of it. People in the business definitely find it very funny, and it’s a creative way to keep us in clients’ minds. It doesn’t get tired, and helps to make people remember us,” she said.

While Bicksler said creating, filming and editing the video definitely took time and effort, he and Castner plan to do at least one a year. “Coming up with new ideas is definitely the hardest part,” said Castner.

For those of you looking to add videos to your marketing, Bicksler offered advice to “try to be original, and keep it short.”