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When people are checking their phones, chances are they are looking at Facebook or Instagram.

According to Scott Sharipo, client partner and industry relations for Facebook, one in every five minutes on mobile is spent on Instagram or Facebook, with people spending an average of three hours a day on their phone. And did you know consumers check their phones 30 times a day on average?

Breaking it down even further, homebuyers are using social media to check out their new location. Sixteen percent of adults check Facebook 16 percent more when they are moving, and 58 percent of new movers rely on their phones for outside connection.

“Mobile is key to success,” said Sharipo. “That’s where consumers are.”

So, how do you get consumers to your posts?

Logan Wells, founder and CEO of Not Another Agency, said to make sure your contact is engaging, and to target more leads. “Choose people you know will be interested in your content, and advertise or boost posts that are doing well,” she said.

On Instagram, Wells stressed the importance of adding hashtags to your photos and using highlights and a URL in your profile.

“In terms of content and posting, balance listings with renter and buyer inspiration,” she said. “When posting a video, choose the cover slide of your video. Choose something that will look good on your newsfeed.”

Wells advised that you choose the right ad objective when making posts. “Acquire leads by using lead ads,” she said.

And finally? Don’t forget to preview an ad before you run it. A good starting time frame is three days, she said. This will allow you to get data and determine if the campaign is worth lengthening or adding more exposure.