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Being a new Realtor® can be overwhelming.

The industry is fast-moving and there is so much to learn, from ever-evolving trends to forms to maintaining client relationships and so on. However, PAR’s experienced leadership team is here to offer advice on what new agents need to know.

“You never know where your next client will be coming from, I always recommend wearing a Realtor® pin, as you never know who will notice it,” said PAR Vice President Chris Raad. “A few years ago, while getting coffee in the Starbucks drive-thru, a young lady saw the pin and stated she wanted to buy a house. About a week later, she was pre-approved and we were looking at homes. It’s a very simple thing to do that will help you to stand out a bit.”

“If you start by learning good work habits, you’ll have a great foundation for the remainder of your career,” said PAR President-elect Bill Festa. “Join an office that is committed to professionalism. Get good professional training. Mentor with a good professional agent.”

Finding a successful mentor is also a suggestion from PAR President Bill McFalls. “Find a mentor in the industry who you think mirrors your style and follow their lead on developing business, generating rapport, generating listings, etc. Be professional in all you do, be courteous, timely and success-oriented.”

McFalls also said education is key. “There is so much education that is valuable and mostly free and can be received at your brokerage and local and state associations,” he said.

Festa also recommends frequenting setting goals and not taking rejection personally. “Have a positive attitude, it’s contagious,” he added.

And don’t be afraid if things don’t always go according to plan. “Jump right in and be prepared to fail a few times, I have found that most of my knowledge came from my failures,” added McFalls.