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The PAR officers are traveling to visit local associations and in the first three quarters, we’ve made 68 visits to the four corners of the state. I’m becoming very familiar with the Pennsylvania Turnpike!

One of the most significant changes we’ve made this year is bringing the legal hotline internally. We have four staff attorneys who respond to these calls – most of you already know Hank Lerner and Desiree Brougher. We’ve also added Brian Carter and Kacy Clouser to handle calls.

PAR staff attorneys have answered more than 2,000 calls in the first three months and PAR is starting to get enough data to begin tracking some helpful trends.

The top three topics, with almost the exact same number of calls, are the Inspection Contingency of the Agreement of Sale, seller disclosure issues and property management.

And we were happy to hear that Congress passed a short extension to the National Flood Insurance Program. Both NAR and PAR continue to work on this issue.

You might have noticed that some of your fellow Realtors® are C2EX-endorsed. NAR introduced its Commitment to Excellence or C2EX online program about a year ago. It’s designed to increase professionalism and help Realtors® provide the best service to our clients and one another. PAR received a grant from NAR to help promote the program and we’re pleased to say we saw a 128 percent increase in the number of Pennsylvania Realtors® who have started the program. You can start the program at C2EX.Realtor.