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Nearly 37 percent of people in this country rent, but are they happy doing so?

Maybe not in Pennsylvania. GoBankingRates found that in the commonwealth, it is better to buy, as the average rent is $1,212, while the average mortgage is $978. However, of those who do rent, Pennsylvania doesn’t have the happiest or most satisfied renters in the country.

According to Abodo, in Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh renters were the most satisfied, landing in 11th out of the top 25 metros. Philadelphia area renters were 20th, and the Jersey City area was near the bottom, in 22nd. Pittsburgh, however, was the top most affordable area for renters of the 25 metros analyzed. Renters in Raleigh were the most satisfied.

In cities where renters love their apartments, major Pennsylvania cities again came in at the bottom. The Jersey City metro came in 21st, followed by Philadelphia area in 22nd and Pittsburgh in 24th. It’s renters in Miami who love their apartments the most. Usually, structural and cosmetic issues led to low scores, according to the report.

Community is important, no matter where you live. Public transportation, crime, litter and schools were all factors contributing to renters’ satisfaction with their neighborhoods. Of the Pennsylvania cities, the Jersey City area scored the highest, coming in 11th place, followed by Pittsburgh in 12th, while the Philadelphia area landed in 18th. Raleigh again scored the highest.

An issue that impacts many renters (and homeowners) as well are pest problems. Nearly one-quarter of households across the country have some type of pest, 17 percent reported they have roaches, and 23 percent have rodents. Look out, Pennsylvania, the Jersey City metro area was first for rodents, at 20 percent, followed by the Philadelphia area, with 18 percent reporting rodents in the past year.