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Even with a dream property, there are circumstances out of homebuyers’ controls… like the neighbors.

According to a recent study, neighbors who do not respect privacy are the No. 1 pet peeve among people surveyed, with three-quarters naming it an offense. However, only 28% of respondents said it has happened to them. The next-highest complaint? Loud or noisy neighbors, according to 71%, with 59% reporting that they have experienced it.

Neighbors who don’t clean up after their pets, whether intentional or not, is also a top pet peeve, according to 67%, while 51% reported experiencing it. The least-complained about neighborly habit is gossiping about the neighbors, only 42% consider it an issue. Across genders, the top complaint for both men and women is frequent intrusion of privacy, and women are 35% more likely to find a neighbor being in “visible states of undress,” whether that is outside in their underwear or inside naked with the blinds open, being a top annoying neighborly trait, compared to men.

Perhaps neighbors would get along better if they were friendlier. Twenty-two percent of respondents said they don’t know any of their neighbors’ names, while 61% said they only know some of their neighbor’s names. Only 16% reported knowing all of their neighbors’ names. And sometimes these annoyances can lead to confrontation. Thirty-three percent of baby boomers, 28% of Generation Xers and 23% of millennials all have had confrontations with their neighbors.

Respondents admit they aren’t so innocent themselves. Men are more likely to admit they don’t always take care of the house exterior, like painting or landscaping, while women are more likely to confess to gossiping about the neighbors.