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Close to two-thirds of renters plan to relocate before settling down.

According to a new survey from Apartment List, 64 percent of renters are not planning to reside forever in the metro they are currently living in. Affordability and job opportunities are the top two reasons renters said they plan to move.

In the commonwealth, 30 percent of renters in Philadelphia report they are leaving for jobs, while 26 percent cite affordability. Still, 13 percent said they are relocating for safety reasons. Weather and nightlife are also giving some renters in Philly the urge to move. The top in-state destination for Philadelphia renters is Allentown, while the top out-of-state destination is Washington, D.C.

Renters in Pittsburgh are also most likely to leave due to jobs. Sixty-two percent said they are moving thanks to careers, while 11 percent said affordability. Six percent said the taxes in the area were enough to make them relocate. In Pittsburgh, the top in-state destination is Philadelphia, while the top out-of-state destination is Morgantown, West Virginia.

Across the country, job opportunities were the top reason for renters relocating, at 34 percent, followed by affordability at 30 percent. Eight percent cited safety, and 7 percent cited commute time and weather. The variety of weather, along with commute time, did not impact the majority of renters looking to relocate from Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

Washington, D.C. Los Angeles and Atlanta are the most popular cities with renters looking to relocate. Renters in San Antonio, Louisville, Houston, Raleigh and Charlotte were the most content, with more renters planning to remain and settle down.