Desiree Brougher, Esq.

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For current users of the zipForm® platform, you will see a redesign of the software this Wednesday, Aug. 9.

Your initial login will bring you to a new zipTMS™ agent dashboard, which features interactive widgets and an overall snapshot of your business portfolio. At a glance, you will be able to see an overview of a number of statistics for your business such as pending transactions, a projected sales volume and a task list, among other things.

The new structure is meant to create a streamlined workflow for the user, as well as provide a more modern, icon-based look. A navigation bar at the top of the dashboard will have tabs to help you navigate through major categories of information. You will be able to access your transactions, templates, tasks, contacts and zipLogix partners with a click of the mouse.

You will add forms to your transaction from the PAR forms library almost exactly the same way you do now. Forms are listed under “txn tools” (transaction tools) under the “transactions” tab. Adding a form to a transaction will bring up an alphabetical list of the forms in the PAR library on the right side of the screen, as always. All of the functions for filling out forms are still available, including e-Sign.

ZipLogix is allowing users to toggle back and forth between the new and the classic platforms for 90 days after its launch, until Nov. 7, in order to give you time to become familiar with the new icons and features. The company has also provided instructional videos on its YouTube channel and will host training webinars at various times and dates. If you have questions about the new platform, your account representative will be able to assist you.