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Americans move an average of six times through their lives.

And it’s a pretty stressful experience for the majority of them, according to a recent survey from SpareFoot. Fifty-eight percent of Americans said that for couples, moving together is a bigger challenge than planning a wedding. For couples that are moving together, 31 percent, including 46 percent of millennials, said they had some of their worst arguments while moving with their significant other.

For those with families, children present their own unique challenges when moving. Sixty-nine percent reported they prioritized their children’s needs over their significant other’s while moving. Additionally, it takes couples with children an average of eight days longer to move than those without.

Americans also struggle with downsizing their possessions when moving. Eighty-one percent of parents reported they held on to sentimental items of their child’s, even if the child didn’t insist on saving it. Across all couples, 76 percent believe their home should include everything they may need and/or want. Sixty-three percent reported that they keep things they don’t think they need “in case” they may need them in the future. Gifts, family heirlooms and clothing tops the list of what most Americans are keeping for sentimental reasons. Fifty-two percent describe their home as cluttered, and 61 percent think moving is a good opportunity to declutter. Ninety percent said they would get rid of their significant other’s clutter if they know their other half wouldn’t be angry.

Now may be the time to encourage your clients to start declutter, because according to the report, 40 million Americans will move this year, and 65 percent will move between Memorial Day and Labor Day.