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Member Policy Manual | PAR Bylaws

Mission Statement: The Mission of the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors® is to protect private property rights, facilitate a consistent and reliable marketplace, and promote the professional, ethical and profitable practice of real estate.

Vision Statement: PAR Members value the experience provided by Realtor® organizations.

PAR’s Primary Customer: The Primary Customers of PAR are the local associations that serve the members.

Strategic Goals

Value Proposition: PAR will lead the way in coordinating, creating, and marketing the Realtor® organization’s value proposition in Pennsylvania.

Political Advocacy: PAR will lead the statewide effort to position the Realtor® organization as the most effective advocate for the real estate industry and private property rights in Pennsylvania.

Professional Leadership: PAR will take a leadership role in defining and promoting the professional, ethical and competent practice of real estate.

Operational Excellence: PAR will provide great value to the members by creating a strategic-based culture.

PAR District Changes

PAR is divided into a number of geographic Districts, primarily for the purpose of enhancing PAR communications and member involvement. One District Vice President is elected to serve as a liaison between PAR and the associations in that District, and appointments to various PAR governance groups are based in whole or in part on District representation.

Through the end of 2016, local associations are grouped into 9 Districts. Beginning in 2017, that will change to 10 Districts. PAR will be transitioning to the new alignment during 2016, with meetings of the new Districts to be held during the Spring and Fall business meetings, and temporary election procedures that account for the necessary changes.


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